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Capital Financing is a nationally recognized Pre Settlement company that stands behind the mission of helping clients when there is financial stress, without taking advantage of their situation. 

 Our trusted financial team, strives to make the process easy and hassle free.  Our commitment to provide you a legal advance in 24 hours is our attempt to help you when you need it most.  Whether you have been injured on the job or due to someone else causing your injury, we can review your case and provide a Pre Settlement Cash Advance to help you get through this difficult time. 

 When choosing a Pre-Settlement company, make sure you ask the right questions.  Choosing a company only because they are the first to approve your loan is not only risky but is financial suicide.   Making the wrong decision can cost you thousands of $$$. You should only consider a company after comparing one model vs. another.  Never work with companies that compound advance fees, won’t be honest with their fees, or have early payoff penalties.   Also ask what they charge you to receive your money.  Capital Financing is honest, transparent, and will explain the process so you are comfortable.  Call today.


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