3 Tips to Help You Deal with Neck Pain from a Personal Injury or AccidentA person burdened with neck pain caused by soft tissue damage from an injury is persistently victimized by a degenerating affliction. Obviously, the first step in treating neck-pain is visiting a medical doctor. After a complete evaluation, the doctor will create a treatment plan and recommend activities and changes in the patient’s lifestyle. One must be consistent in applying the coping strategies to his or her life. Importantly, the physical pain is only one element of the person’s condition. Other significant elements include psychological and emotional damages caused by both the chronic pain and the ensuing case. In the ongoing journey toward recovery, here are a few practical tips that, with a pinch of mindfulness and a touch of determination, one can implement into his or her daily life with purposeful ease.

  • Chiropractic Care . . . can be extremely effective treatment for minimizing the long-term impact of whiplash injuries.

Indeed, chiropractic manipulation would first need approval by one’s medical doctor, but spinal adjustments relieve pain and restore spinal health. Spinal joint mobility is increased. By reducing muscle tightness and decreasing inflammation, chiropractic adjustments activate the healing process in the damaged soft tissue.

  • Spine-Health.Com offers this advice:

Stay Hydrated!

As babies our spinal discs are 80% water. The aging process naturally depletes the water supply. In order to maintain spinal mobility and counter the degenerative process with a healthful defense Drink Lots of Water! (And don’t drink it just when you’re thirsty.)

  • Bring on the YOGA!

Yoga is defined as to “to yoke.” In this context, yoga works to yoke the body and mind together.  They work hand-in-hand, not one against the other. Yoga allows the practitioner to restore flexibility, strength and mobility to the body, as well as the mind. Through creative breathing exercises, the mind—crowded with thoughts of all those “coulda’s, woulda’s, and shoulda’s–” can just be itself for awhile without depression and anxiety, without negativity and regret.

No doubt, a soft tissue neck injury requires special loving care. Whatever a person does, he or she should not give-up on their physical, emotional and psychological recovery. Waiting for the end of a personal injury case can induce stress. Muscles tighten, the neck aches and the mind wanders into murky waters. It takes time, but the journey will end. Persevere and the self will emerge, restored and whole.

While you are taking care of your body and mind, let us help ease your financial strain while you wait for your case to settle.