Capital Financing is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is quickly becoming the industry’s leader in pre-settlement legal advances. Capital Financing has also made a significant impact in the area of cash advances or pre-settlement funding. Our program is a proven solution for injured parties and law firms, as each individual has different needs. Our primary clients are injured as a result of an auto- or work-related injury, but there are many other types of injuries that allow plaintiffs to qualify for our non-recourse advances. Our founders looked at the industry to identify issues that are currently present with pre-settlement advance companies then set out to build our company, with the goal of giving our clients the best experience in our industry.

Here are the 3 biggest issues you should know about before you get a legal advance from any pre-settlement advance company. Make sure you ask these questions BEFORE you sign a contract!!!

1.    Q: Does the advance fees terminate and if so, when?

Our advance fees terminates at twelve (12) months, even if the claim takes years to settle. That means you will ALWAYS know what you owe from Day One! No surprises and no frustrated clients.

2.    Q: What will I owe when my claim settles?

If a company can’t answer this question, run away! The advance fees rate for your advance could multiply to such a large amount that there will not be any money left for you at settlement. NOT cool!

3.    Q: Do you run credit checks?

Many companies will run your credit or try to verify your income before they offer you a loan, which can cause other issues. There are no credit checks or income verification with Capital Financing.

Don’t pay a dime if your case is lost.  Call our friendly staff today at 404.348.4475 (local) or 888.247.6998 (toll-free) so we can answer any questions you may have, or apply below. 

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