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My name is Dr. Howie Golden, and as the CEO/Managing Partner of Capital Financing, I welcome you to our website.  It is my hope that I can provide an insightful background of our company and our mission to better serve our clients.

Capital Financing is an Atlanta, GA, based company specializing in Plaintiff and Case Expense Financing services for those that are injured as a result of a work-related or personal injury. Founded in 2010, we have grown into a respected financing company that serves both law firms and their clients around the nation.

Capital Financing is best known as the company that TERMINATES fees in 12 months* for plaintiffs seeking a pre-settlement advance.  Our clients will benefit when working with us due to our unique model of protection provided by our CAPPING of fees rather than allowing the borrower to owe more at settlement time.

We have set the standard of a plaintiff-friendly financing program that law firms can feel comfortable referring their clients to.  Far too often, plaintiffs don’t ask the right questions or are too quick to accept money that may not be in their best interests.  At Capital Financing, we feel that all plaintiffs should be educated before they make a decision that can impact their future settlement.  This may include consulting on fees, review of contract terms, or simply being available to answer all questions.   We believe in transparency and honesty, which has allowed us to grow a loyal following of law firms referring us to their clients.

As we continue to impact the specialty financing industry, we are proud to offer law firms strategic financing options to help protect their firm while allowing them to grow.   Our Case Expense Financing program has changed the way law firms look at Pre-Litigation and Litigation case costs.  Offering a program that has provided law firms with better options as to how they currently cover case costs has been impactful to many of our law firm clients nationwide.

Howie Golden - CEO of Capital Financing. A Pre-Settlement Funding Company

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