After you have been in an accident the confusion and disruption that it causes in your life can be overwhelming.  It’s bad enough that your car has been damaged and your schedule is completely altered, but the shock of the situation can keep you from making good decisions about taking care of yourself.  It is easy to dismiss any injury that may have occurred during the accident because so much is going through your mind.  Later, you may notice pain or stiffness that is not uncommon after an accident but may be more serious than you thought at the time of the accident.  After accident care is important to always consider. Don’t hesitate to seek treatment just to be certain that you have not sustained an injury that could be significant.  If you have decided to seek treatment than here are 5 mistakes you should avoid if you are going to file a personal injury claim.

  • Don’t Wait Too Long to Seek Treatment

Insurance companies try to minimize the amount of damages they have to pay out after an accident.  Any delays in seeking treatment will allow the defense opportunity to question the severity of your injury.  Seeking prompt treatment for any injury is very important as a first step to receive the compensation you deserve for your injury.

  • Keep All of Your Appointments for Treatment and Follow the Advice of Your Doctor

Treatments such as physical therapy can be long term and not always easy to accommodate in your schedule after an accident.  Resist the idea of skipping any appointments such as therapy or any other medical advice you have been given by your Doctor.  Skipping appointments and advice goes against your credibility regarding your injury.  The defense will argue that you must not be that injured if you aren’t seeking relief through therapy and by following the Doctor’s advice.

  • Be Honest with Your Doctor

Your back may be hurting from the accident but you are afraid to tell your Doctor that you have had a prior back injury because you feel he will not attribute it to the accident.  Tell your Doctor about all of your prior injuries.  This does not lessen the significance of the injury from the accident at all.  Your attorney may make the case that the accident contributed to the exacerbation of your older injuries.  If you fail to inform your Doctor of the old injury the information could come to light in a future discovery from the defense and negate the injury from the accident.

  • Don’t Talk to Your Doctor about Your Legal Case

While you may feel the need to tell your Doctor all about your lawsuit and keep him updated with all the details, do not discuss your case at all.  The doctor is there to help you recover.  His main objective is to get you back to your maximum level of health.  Your doctor will be taking notes and making decisions about the level of your recovery.  Your doctor does not want to become involved in the litigation process based on information you have given out regarding your case.

  • Provide Only Factual Information When Describing Your Accident

You may be asked to make a written statement at the Doctor’s office or hospital regarding your accident.  Be careful to only describe the facts as you know them.  You may remember it a certain way, but the facts will be recorded.  Any information that you make in writing that is not factual will be used by the defense to discredit your case.

It may seem difficult to follow all of your Doctor’s advice during treatment but it is important for your maximum recovery.  Future problems could arise that stem from your injury from your accident.  Avoid making the mistakes that keep you from receiving the compensation you deserve for the injury you have suffered.