For Personal Injury lawyers, navigating the challenges of securing capital is a major hurdle in the quest to expand their firms. The topic of obtaining a bank line of credit as a minority business owner is often overlooked, yet it remains a stark reality for small business owners striving to establish themselves. Operating within the realm of contingencies, Personal Injury law firms face the dual challenge of lengthy case settlement periods and the unpredictability of monthly settlements. This dual challenge places significant strain on business owners attempting to grow, meet operating expenses, and invest in their clients’ case costs to enhance case value.

Traditionally, contingency lawyers have had limited options for covering clients’ case expenses, primarily relying on their operating account or securing a bank line of credit. However, since 2019, Capital Financing has been at the forefront, introducing a more innovative approach. Our mission is to empower minority law firms to foster growth while revolutionizing the way litigation case expenses are covered.