Our goal at Capital Financing is to have less back and forth when clients are seeking a Pre-Settlement advance. We have found that when law firms initiate the referral of their clients, the turnaround time and process can be much quicker.

Capital Financing has implemented a NO application policy, were we avoid subjecting your staff to additional paperwork that takes them away from other work that is more important.

Capital Financing has built relationships with law firms all over the country due to our easy origination process.  With our *TERMINATING FEES and *NO compounding interest terms, there should be no reason to consider any other finance company.

This is How it Works: Law Firm Options

When referring a client you may use one of the following 3 options:

Connect by calling Capital Financing at 888-247-6998

Our Process:

1.    With your referral, we contact your client to request treatment information & injury-related details, as well as pictures of damage.

2.   Once the intake interview is complete with the client, we contact your office by phone or email (no applications!) to request policy limits & a copy of the incident report.

3.   We confidentially confirm the information your client provided is correct, then approve an advance amount with your firm prior to sending a contract.

Connect with us by emailing our staff at intake@injuryfinancing.com

Please Include:

A.  Client name & phone number

B.  Amount client requested, & amount attorney approves

C.  Policy limits

D.  Name of prior lender (if client has received funding before now)

E.  Attached copy of incident report

Submit the information online via the form below

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