Services We Specialize in for Law Practices:

Law Firm Financing

            – No Credit Checks
            – No Personal Information or Documents Required
            – No Case Verification
            – 1 – 2 Day Approval
            – No Points to Your Cash Advance
            – Easy, Quick and No Stress

After years of watching legal financing companies in this industry grow rapidly, the institution of Pre-Settlement Funding has created significant challenges for law firms. We speak daily with law firms that urge their clients not to take a settlement advance against their case due to the issues it will create at settlement. In our opinion, we cannot agree more with your philosophy even though we are in the business of advancing money for lawsuits. Capital Financing should be your client’s last resort when they have no other options. However, many clients are truly faced with catastrophic financial barriers and when there is no other option but to take a cash advance, why should your client ever pay more for the same money? It’s best to give them access to legal financing companies that they can trust.


What makes CF Pre-Settlement Financing Different?

–  Interest TERMINATES at 12 months
–  SIMPLE advance fees Payments
– NO FEES taken out of your client’s check
–  NEVER pay compounding interest
–  NEVER have an upset client owing 200% or more in interest
–  NEVER have sticker shock again
–  ALWAYS know the most owed with an easy-to-understand payment schedule
–  We offer DOCUSIGN contracting
–  We NEVER charge 30% or more in up-front processing/origination fees
– Other Services We Offer
            – Pre-Settlement Funding
            – Post-Settlement Financing
            – Short-Term Bridge Advances at Reduced Rates (PI or WC Cases)

No faxing forms. One contract to review. One company to trust.

Your time is valuable- don’t waste it!

Call Capital Financing FIRST so your client can take more money home from settlement!