There are many terms to describe a pre-settlement advance. Some people call it a cash advance, plaintiff advance, legal financing or even a lawsuit advance.  All of these terms describe the same settlement funding service we provide at Capital Financing.

Many settlement funding companies will get you the money you need during a difficult time and then wait until your settlement to tell you how much you’ll owe back. Many times the advance fees will compound and continue to grow until the claim settles; your claim could takes months or even YEARS to settle and advance fees is increasing the entire time.  For example, you could take out a $5,000.00 advance today but when you’re signing your settlement papers, you find out you owe $22,000.00!  This could be catastrophic to your case and you should discuss it with your attorney. When you call Capital Financing, we always want you to know the benefits and risks involved with the decision you are about to make.  We get many calls from potential litigation funding clients who have called around to other lending companies, only to learn they will not discuss their advance fees terms.   This can be risky for you; you should always be informed of the advance fees rates you are expected to pay back on your lawsuit loan.

Capital Financing will ALWAYS disclose our fees to you from day 1. On page three (3) of our contract, we have a simple-to-read payment schedule; we don’t charge monthly fees and we only change advance fees four (4) times during the entire term of your contract.

Our fees are NON-COMPOUNDING and terminates after twelve (12) months, so after settling, you won’t struggle to pay your bills and you’ll still have money left over to enjoy!  The benefit of an advance is that you are helped during difficult times by a company with experience. You should always be aware of the terms you agree to and if there is a better option for you.  At the end of the day, most companies are providing the same service, just at different costs.

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