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Comparing Compounding Interest vs. Simple Interest Terms

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Pre-Settlement financing can get complicated quickly.  There are simple fee financing structures and compounding structures available for your clients.   In order to know what Pre-Settlement structure is best for your client, let us first look at each Pre-Settlement loan interest model. Pre-Settlement loans with compounding interest: Believed to have originated in 17th century Italy, compound [...]

The Facts About No-Interest Pre-Settlement Advances

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Has one of your clients asked you what you think about pre-settlement advances? This question leads to some angst among lawyers. Many lawyers do not like making recommendations about pre-settlement advance companies because they do not know anything about such providers. Another reason we hear from lawyers that work with our company is that they [...]

How to Choose the Best Pre-Settlement Loan Lender

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Lawyers have a hard time recommending other professionals to their clients. By not endorsing anyone, the lawyer, always looking for ways to reduce or minimize risk, has no exposure should that relationship go bad. Lawyers are often wary when considering pre-settlement financing for their clients’ lawsuits. Unless the client asks, few lawyers recommend that clients [...]

I Won a Settlement: What Happens Now?

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Winning a settlement does not automatically mean you will receive your money right away. Even when settlements are reached in court, at trial, the process to receive your settlement money will require the completion of legal documents and a waiting period for payment, depending on the practices of the insurance company involved in your lawsuit. [...]

Surviving Coronavirus (COVID-19) When You Cannot Work

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Today, the Senate approved a $2 Trillion stimulus to jump start the economy as we approach the end of March and many parts of the nation complete the second week of unprecedented work restrictions – forcing many employees to work from home or stop work completely. The Trump Administration is considering opening up the economy [...]

How Coronavirus (COVID-19) Can Affect My Case

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Not that people don’t have enough to worry about already, many clients are wondering how COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus, effects their pending personal injury case. Firms are still adjusting to how they will conduct normal day to day business in addition to their ongoing cases. In our home state of Georgia, the courts [...]

Medical Debt and Bankruptcy Prevention

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When you find yourself needing emergency medical attention, your future medical bills are generally the last thing on your mind. What if you seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident? Are you financially stable enough to pay your own medical bills out of pocket? According to a new study, approximately 530,000 families go bankrupt every [...]

Car Accident Settlement Taxes

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If you are pursuing compensation for your injuries after a car accident, you are no doubt looking forward to the settlement so that you can pay your bills and get your life back on track. However, you may also be concerned about whether or not you will need to pay taxes on your settlement payment. [...]

What are the Different Types of Liability and Why Should I Care?

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Statistics show that some 95% of car accidents are due to driver error, and consequently, liability is an issue that comes up in nearly every car crash. If you were not the one to blame for your accident, then who was? Unfortunately, when it comes to liability, it is not always a singularly defined issue. [...]

What Expenses can Pre-Settlement Funding Cover?

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You have just experienced a workplace injury or car accident and are finally getting released from the hospital. The accident was not your fault, but your car is totaled, there is a big stack of medical bills waiting for you at home, and you still are not able to go back to work. What are [...]

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