What needs to be Documented in an Accident

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One of the most important things to do when you have been in an accident is to start documenting everything right away.  It is easy to forget this important step because there is so much confusion and turmoil surrounding an accident but documentation is the only way to prove exactly how much and to what [...]

5 Mistakes NOT to Make While in Treatment after an Accident

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After you have been in an accident the confusion and disruption that it causes in your life can be overwhelming.  It’s bad enough that your car has been damaged and your schedule is completely altered, but the shock of the situation can keep you from making good decisions about taking care of yourself.  It is [...]

Does My Case Qualify for Pre Settlement Funding

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You may be involved in a complex personal injury case that is weighing you down mentally and financially.  Trying to keep up with your day to day expenses and bills can become overwhelming and asking yourself is it worth it to continue or should you just settle.  Pre Settlement funding can help you to manage [...]

A new year for lawsuit funding

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Growth opportunities It's finally 2015 and we at Capital Financing are ready to get a new year started with you and your cash settlement advances! We know how frustrated you must be that your claim didn't settle before the holidays and we're here to help. Capital Financing ALWAYS terminates advance fees after the [...]

Merry Cashadvancemas!

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All I want for Cashadvancemas is money. On the 12th day of CashAdvancemas, my mailbox gave to me: 12 too-low offers, 11 final notices, 10 bills outstanding, 9 eviction forms, 8 overdrawn fees, 7 cards declined, 6 folks a-praying, 5 weeks away from work, 4 calling collectors, 3 empty wallets, 2 crying kids, AND [...]

Atlanta lawsuit loans are closer than Halloween!

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Who ya gonna call? Bills are scarier than any ghost, goblin or ghoul; after an incident that was someone else's fault, the last thing I wanted to do was answer the phone calls of collectors. I was in an accident two years ago and the only cash I'd seen was what went to [...]

Happy Holidays from Capital Financing!

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As most of us get ready for the holidays by shopping for gifts for our loved ones, friends and children, many of your clients are struggling just to keep the heat on and put food on the table. We know that cash advances are NOT an attorney’s favorite conversation but when your client's back is [...]