Pre-Settlement Funding

Pain and Suffering from a Legal Point of View

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There is little doubt that after you have suffered an injury from an accident or negligence that you have endured pain and suffering.  The pain and suffering from your injury is one thing but the emotional or mental pain is also considered when evaluating the compensation for your claim.  How is a monetary value placed [...]

4 Factors that Determine the Value of Your Personal Injury Case

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One of the first things you may want to ask your attorney when you file a personal injury law suit is ‘How much is my case worth?’  A personal injury lawsuit is usually filed when all negotiation attempts have failed to satisfy the compensation of money for your injury.  Every case is unique and there [...]

How Long It Takes to Settle Your Personal Injury Case

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After someone has been injured in an auto accident or at work, one of the first questions they have for their attorney is “How long will it take to resolve my personal injury case?” That’s a tough question to answer. It will depend on the circumstances of the case and how much money you are [...]

Why Legal Funding Could Be the Right Decision

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Personal injury cases aren't resolved quickly. Some cases take months or even years to reach a settlement. For the person who has been injured, this can be an incredibly stressful time. While their case may take some time to resolve, their bills aren't waiting. Mounting personal and medical expenses can make it difficult to make ends [...]

The Risks Involved with Pre-Settlement Funding

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After being injured in an accident due to someone else's negligence, the last thing you need is to face a growing pile of bills. Unfortunately, your bills can quickly add up. Medical expenses could be overwhelming, not to mention your daily living costs that build up if you have to miss work due to your [...]

Got a lawsuit loan?

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The heat is just getting started here in Atlanta and our power bills are already spiking to Everest proportions, thanks to good old AC. In this modern world, we all have to keep a careful eye on exactly how much money goes out of our wallets and when it does so, too. So what happens [...]

A hitchhiker’s guide to lawsuit settlement loans

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Don't Panic! 1. Always carry the contact information of Capital Financing. We are a pre-settlement advance company based in Atlanta, GA that provides cash against the settlement of your personal injury or worker's compensation claim. Contacting us is both practical and psychologically comforting; applying for an advance is completely FREE and our friendly [...]

Another brick in the lawsuit funding

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hung out to dry Capital Financing is an Atlanta-based company that provides CASH against your personal injury or worker's compensation claim in the form of lawsuit settlement loans. We work around the clock to ensure that our clients get the settlement cash advances they deserve as a result of the negligence of someone [...]

Money can’t buy me settlement

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When will it be my turn? In a world full of capitalists, I start to wonder when the American Dream will happen for me. You and I work our tails off to fulfill outrageous expectations and still struggle to make ends meet as the first of the month looms its greedy head. The [...]

Lawsuit settlement loans have sprung

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Cash against your advance is in full bloom! Pollen reactions make me miserable enough without piling medical expenses and bills on top. My anxiety over outstanding payments and the pressure behind the mask of my face are a perfect pair; after all, misery does love company. It's so hard to slow down and [...]