man in hospital after an accidentIn the days and weeks after an accident in which you were personally injured, life can become unrecognizable as you knew it.  This is especially true when you have physical limitations or disfiguring injuries.  Your physical injuries are difficult enough but the mental injuries are the unspoken element that needs attention too.  When you are first injured your emotions can be overwhelming.  Confusion, fear and anger about what has happened to you begin to set in and coping with everyday life is very stressful.  There are ways to manage the levels of anxiety and painful emotions that can help you to recover.

Acceptance of what has happened is the first step towards regaining your mental strength. It will take a while to understand what has happened to you.  If you are the type of person who has never relied on someone to help you manage your day, this will be challenging.  It helps to accept that this is a circumstance that is beyond your control and it is ok to rely on those around you as you heal.  If you stay actively involved in your recovery process you will find that time and patience will take you to each new level of improvement. Try not to consider yourself a burden but rather understand that with help from a team of family, friends and your Doctor, you can achieve the maximum level of health after your injury.

Many people find it rewarding to look at your injury and the recovery process as a personal journey that proves your levels of determination and strength.  It is easy to feel depressed, or be unwilling to see the possibilities of regaining your mental and physical health as even a possibility.  It may seem like thinking positive about the situation is completely ridiculous as you face day after day of ups and downs.  A better way to think about your injury is on a day to day basis.  Remaining flexible in your expectations of improvement will keep you from feeling as though your efforts are failures.  Keep your goals small in the beginning and as you progress, increase your goal efforts.

Suffering emotionally after an accident or injury is an understandable condition to find yourself in.  Learning coping skills and accepting your limitations is hard work.  Gaining the strength to overcome emotional turmoil is a big achievement.  By accepting help from others it is possible to strengthen relationships, develop positive psychological changes and see your recovery as a testament to overcoming one of life’s most difficult challenges.