A prevalent practice among law firms involves referring cases to colleagues’ firms due to financial constraints in covering case expenses. Whether it’s a medical malpractice or trucking case, law firms often face difficulties meeting the necessary expenses, despite possessing the skills and experience to handle them internally.

Are you one of these firms? What if you could retain the case within your own firm and receive the full contingency fee, avoiding the need to relinquish 60% of it? Unfortunately, many law firms find themselves confronted with this choice—a dilemma that reflects the realities of contemporary contingency practices.

Now, picture a scenario where your law firm refers cases to others because they possess a specialized expertise that you lack. Consider a Negligence Securities case with the potential for seven-figure outcomes, but you prefer entrusting it to a team with a proven track record. Traditionally, a fee split negotiation of 60/40 would ensue, with the other firm covering case expenses while you collect a portion. What if you could negotiate a more favorable fee arrangement where you bear the case expenses without assuming the associated risks or depleting funds from your operating account or line of credit?

Capital Financing presents an innovative financing solution that provides personal injury law firms with a superior method of covering case expenses. Without jeopardizing capital, tying up resources, or encountering cash flow challenges, you can negotiate a better feel split to your advantage while not actually having to take on the burden of using your own money to cover the case expenses.  This will allow you to maximize profits like you have never experienced before.

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