Not knowing when your case will settle is one of the most frustrating parts of suing somebody. Even when your lawyer provides a timeline for the completion of your case, those dates almost always come and go with no settlement. Court times vary widely from case to case. Already clogged courts became more congested at the start of the COVID-pandemic shutdown. As they slowly reopen, many proceedings have been cancelled or now happen online in the infamous Zoom courts. In the meantime, you need cash now.

Fastest Types of Payouts for Settlements

We help people injured in an accident or by someone else’s negligence who have an active lawsuit by advancing them cash before their lawsuit is settled. The cash is not a loan, but rather a pre-settlement advance. People in your situation have many reasons for needing cash now. If you need help paying for your living expenses, such as rent or mortgage, utility bills, or transportation bills, we can help you. If you have medical expenses for your past and present medical care and treatment, we can help you. If you need help paying for your prescriptions, we can help.

How Quick is Quick?

We offer fast pre-settlement loans that can be available the same day, or the next day, depending on your case and specific circumstances. For a quick pre-settlement loan decision, contact us to explore the right options for receiving funding faster, if you need funds now. Once you make a request for funding, we quickly respond by offering you:

  • Same Day Approval Available*
  • Receive Your Money Same
  • Day or in 24 Hours*
  • Ask up about echecks – the fastest type of payout available
  • Minimum approval $250-$100,000

*Certain cases or lawsuits will not apply.

If you are in a dire situation, we can get you money in minutes (shorter duration of time via e-checks). Depending on how quickly we can receive case information from your law firm, approval can take one hour. Get money in seconds via email, FedEx or ACH into your bank.

Need Money While Your Lawsuit is Pending?

Do you qualify for pre-settlement funding? Call us toll-free at (888) 247-6998 and ask about our same day pre-settlement loans, next day settlement loans, fast pre-settlement funding, and quick pre-settlement loan products. A pre-settlement advance is not a loan, but your pre-settlement money. Minimum approval $250-$100,000. After you apply, your lawyer needs to send us certain information and documents about your case. The faster the better. We offer same day approval and can get you money quick. Receive your money the same day or within 24 hours if you qualify. No credit check necessary for approval because it is not a loan, rather an advance on your lawsuit settlement, or a pre-settlement advance. Pre-settlement advance funds can be used to help pay your financial obligations during your recovery period before you are able to support yourself fully. Ask us about how a pre-settlement advance can help you. Georgia residents call (404) 348-4475 for an immediate response.