You may be involved in a complex personal injury case that is weighing you down mentally and financially.  Trying to keep up with your day to day expenses and bills can become overwhelming and asking yourself is it worth it to continue or should you just settle.  Pre Settlement funding can help you to manage your financial hardships while you wait for your attorneys to settle your case.  Here are some cases that may qualify you to receive a Pre Settlement advance for your case.

  • Medical Malpractice

Injuries due to medical negligence can lead to long term devastating consequences.  Everyday life can become a huge struggle due to the consequences of improper diagnosis, wrong medications, surgical mistakes and many other examples of poor medical care.  Doctors, hospitals and nursing homes will go to great lengths to defend their cases with high-powered attorneys that will take a long time to settle.  Pre settlement funding can ease financial burdens while you await the outcome of this complex litigation.

  • Slip and Fall

An injury from a fall on someone else’s property can cause long term or permanent damage.  Proving negligence of the property owner can be difficult.  Cases that involve obvious negligence due to improper upkeep of a property can be subject to the premises liability laws.  Faulty staircases, building code violations, hazards on the property and many other conditions that lead to an injury could deem the property owner at fault in a personal injury case.  The process for proving this can be lengthy and pre settlement funding can helpful as you await the outcome of your case.

  • Car Accidents

Personal injury lawsuits from car accidents can take considerable time while proving liability.  Cases in which the plaintiff may share some liability can be evaluated to qualify for pre settlement funding.  Maximum benefits can be achieved from taking the time the case needs to fully strengthen your claim.  Pre settlement funding helps you to take the time you need without financial worries.

  • Worker’s Compensation

Being injured on the job has its own special set of difficult circumstances.  It can take time to resolve all of the issues that arise from the recovery process and the return to work.  It is especially difficult when a personal injury lawsuit comes into the picture.  While you wait for the litigation process Pre Settlement funding can help with covering your financial needs relieving you of the additional stress

The application process for Pre Settlement funding is simple and can quickly help you to ease the financial burden of waiting for your case to settle.