Are You Having Trouble Finding a Doctor to Treat You?

After an injury, it is critical that you begin medical care immediately. We realize that sometimes when you don’t have health insurance or simply can’t afford your co-pay or deductible, it can make getting treatment near impossible. 

 As your attorney is typically going to help manage your medical care, we commonly find that some law firms don’t have doctors that they can recommend to their clients.  Without medical care two things will happen: 1) You don’t get better 2) You  will not be able to recover financially from your injuries.

If you are struggling to get access to a doctor for your injuries, we may be able to help.  We can either pay for your co-pay or deductible to any doctor or we may be able to refer you to a doctor directly.  

DISCLAIMER***Please be advised we can only assist Georgia residents with direct medical access. Please call 404.348.4310. If you live outside of Georgia, Capital Financing can assist you with a direct Pre Settlement advance to pay for your doctor’s visit.***

Injured? Find a Doctor:



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