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Founded in 2010 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, Capital Financing has built a reputation of innovating the Pre-Settlement (Plaintiff) and Case Expense Financing industry. Our objective has always been to identify industry challenges and then find solutions. We believe our influence helping plaintiffs and law firms with financing solutions not typically seen, has distinguished Capital Financing as a trusted partner.

Our Attorneys Services:

Improve your Firm's Bottom Line for Pre-Settlement & Litigation Funding Solutions

Are You Attorney Bob or Mike?

Attorneys today are either utilizing financing to their advantage or still stuck in the dark ages. Allowing your clients to get a plaintiff advance without knowing the company’s terms is “Pre-Settlement Suicide.” Far to often law firms are not doing the necessary due diligence when choosing a company for their client’s needs. As law firms continue to use their operating account or line of credit to finance case costs, both come with risk, constraints, and are outdated when considering better options offered today. Capital Financing wants you to consider better options for your clients and law firm. Our video explains the 2 types of attorneys that exist today.

Improve your Firm's Bottom Line for Pre-Settlement & Litigation Funding Solutions

Pre-Settlement Financing

Capital Financing provides a “fair and responsible” solution to plaintiff financing. With Plaintiff-Friendly terms your client will take home more of their settlement while creating less stress on the firm’s staff.

Benefits of Our Services:

  • Terminating Fees in 12 Months *

  • 1 x Max Multiple on Advances *

  • No Compounding Interest

  • More Money For Your Clients at Settlement

  • No Applications to Complete

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Only 3 Fee Increases*

  • Disclosure Statement on Page 1

  • We Provide Criminal Bankruptcy & Child Support Lien Background Checks

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* Certain Cases Do Not Apply
Attorney & Law Firm Pre-Settlement Funding

Case Expense Financing

Unlike banks or other lenders providing law firm financing with lines of credit, Capital Financing doesn’t use collateral or other personal assets to provide case expense financing.  Our model allows us to invest in the case on behalf of the plaintiff and removes the law firms responsibility or taking on all the capital constraints and risk.

Benefits of Our Services:

  • Your Firm no Longer Has to be the Bank

  • No Personal Guarantees or Collateral

  • Allows for Better Negotiations on Fee Splits

  • No Longer Need to Refer Cases to Other Law Firms

  • Allows for More Capital to Invest in Firm Growth

  • Better Cash Flow

  • No Risk if Case is Lost (Non-Recourse)

  • No More Tying up Firms Money

  • You No Longer Need to be Creditor and Counselor

  • We Finance as Low as $500

  • Costs We Fund: Economists, Experts, Depositions, Reconstructionists, Medical Records, Life Care Plans, TBI Testing, or Mediations

Case Expense Financing

Innovative Plaintiff Medical Financing

For years, Capital Financing has identified a growing number of medical professionals and hospitals charging inflated fees causing more cases to go into litigation or costing your clients more money. Many firms have struggled with Emergency Room charges at the end of the case, and have experienced difficulties negotiating with collections companies hired by hospitals. Capital Financing has solved an industry-wide problem with an innovative way of reducing the costs of medical care so there is more money for your clients at settlement and more money to pay your providers. Our self pay cash model will reduce the cost of medical treatment up to 75%.

Benefits of Our Services:

  • Client Pays Less for Medical Care

  • Allows More Treatment Options

  • More $$$ at Settlement for Client

  • No More Discovery Challenges

  • Removes Traditional Medical Funding Model

  • Prevents Physicians from Overcharging Clients

  • 75% Discounts on Patient Treatment/ER

  • Avoids Issues with Medical Record Requests

Innovative Plaintiff Medical Financing

We Are a Member Of:

Northeastern PA Trial Lawyers Association
Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
Edward Molinary, Molinary Law Firm

“We have been working with Dr. Howie Golden and his Capital Financing team for years. In addition to the Pre-Settlement Funding Program, we have taken advantage of the Case Expense Funding Program. We use the program for our active litigation caseload. The program allows us to invest in our clients while giving us more financial freedom.”

Attorneys Edward & Gabrielle Molinary Founding Members, Molinary Law Firm, LLC, Lebanon, GA
Fielding Law Attorney Client Testimonial

“I have worked with Dr. Howie Golden and his team at Capital Financing on many cases, and I have found their service to our clients to be excellent. They offer reasonable terms and their approval process is straightforward and easy for our firm to follow. ”

Attorney Michael Fielding , Fielding Law, Mesquite, TX
The Hawk Firm Attorney Client Testimonial

“Dr. Golden and his team at Capital Financing are our go-to providers for pre-settlement funding. Of all the companies in this industry, they are the most reliable, straight-forward, and fair. Capital Financing treats my clients with respect and compassion. Simply put, they are the best in the business!”

Attorney Hollie McManus, The Hawk Firm, Augusta, Georgia

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