Capital Financing can provide personal injury advances in cash for as little as $500 and as much as $100,000.  As long as you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, worker’s compensation injury or a litigation claim that qualifies for our underwriting (see the list of cases we consider in underwriting).  It does not matter if you were in a small accident or the accident just occurred, we will consider your immediate needs to allow you to get through this difficult time with a settlement cash advance. Our application is free to fill out and we will contact your lawyer directly to get the necessary information to approve your case funding cash today.  We understand that your needs are immediate so we ensure a quick response and underwriting decision on your settlement advance.

Fill out our short personal injury advances application to the right or call us today to find out how much you may qualify for.

Reasons you may need a cash funding advance from Capital Financing:

  • You were not happy with defense offer and want time to have your attorney fight for more money; you need help paying your bills until your claim settles.
  • Your injuries have put you out of work and you need money to cover your expenses.
  • You agreed to a settlement but will not receive a check for several weeks and need money now. We can do a short term advance called a “post-settlement.”
  • You are using your insurance for medical care but can’t afford deductibles or co-pays.