Capital Financing provides personal injury advances in cash for as little as $500 and as much as $100,000.  As long as you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, worker’s compensation injury or a litigation claim that qualifies for our underwriting (see the list of cases we consider in underwriting).  To get started please click below and complete are short intake application and we will be in contact you immediately.  If you should prefer to call us or email us for a quick response, we can be reached at 404-348-4475 or  When you email us, our entire intake department is contacted for quick replies.  Our goal is to approve you the same day and within hours as long as we have the information we need, we can contact your lawyer, and we are notified during the business day with enough time to process your request.

Reasons you may need a cash funding advance from Capital Financing:

  • You lost your job.
  • Can’t work and need money to live until your case settles.
  • Not receiving enough compensation for your WC claim with weekly benefits.
  • Case is taking longer than expected.
  • Your case settled and you can’t wait from the settlement to send to you.
  • Received a “low ball” offer and the case needs to be litigated which creates financial issues.
  • Need assistance with co-pays or deductibles for doctor visits.
  • Need medical care when doctors are not willing to treat you on a Letter of Protection.
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