The heat is just getting started here in Atlanta and our power bills are already spiking to Everest proportions, thanks to good old AC. In this modern world, we all have to keep a careful eye on exactly how much money goes out of our wallets and when it does so, too. So what happens when the worst happens and you find yourself with even MORE bills for thousands of dollars because the teenager behind you in traffic was texting? Now you’ve got mail from your car insurance carrier, your doctor, your health insurance provider and your landlord, all asking for cash that you JUST DON’T HAVE! How were you supposed to prepare for financial catastrophe?

This is where Capital Financing thought ahead and saved some money just for you in your time of need. We approve applications for cash lawsuit advances while you’re waiting for your personal injury or worker’s compensation claim to settle so you can breathe without worrying about the price of air. If you’re having trouble staying cool long enough for your case to wrap up, call 888-247-6998, visit, like our page at, follow @CapitalFinancng on Twitter or e-mail to initiate your application for a cash advance NOW!