Don't Panic!

Don’t Panic!

1. Always carry the contact information of Capital Financing. We are a pre-settlement advance company based in Atlanta, GA that provides cash against the settlement of your personal injury or worker’s compensation claim. Contacting us is both practical and psychologically comforting; applying for an advance is completely FREE and our friendly intake staff will be happy to give you updates whenever you request them.

2. Don’t worry, our underwriting process is quick and painless; the application we send to your attorney is ONE PAGE LONG! As soon as we get that information back from your attorney, our underwriting department will have an answer for you that same day. You can get your money within 24 hours of applying; it’s that easy!

3. If you’re unsatisfied with your lot in life, just be glad you’re not an elevator and then CALL CAPITAL FINANCING at 888-247-6998! You can also visit, like our page at, follow @CapitalFinancng on Twitter or e-mail to initiate your application for a cash advance NOW!