Our Pre-Settlement Funding Service

Capital Financing is a legal Pre-Settlement Funding solution for individuals injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. We provide our clients an advance of their future settlement money so you don’t have to wait for the settlement of your claim to cover your expenses or for urgent unforeseen circumstances. Our lawsuit funding is fast and easy.

If your lawsuit is pending and you need cash now, all you need to do is select “Apply Now.” Our terms are always “Non-Recourse,” which means if you don’t receive a recovery, then neither do we.

Our legal Pre-Settlement Funding application is simple and will take only a few seconds of your time. Your income and credit are never checked – this means your credit score and employment history do not matter to us. We simply contact your law firm to verify the details and legitimacy of your lawsuit. A pending lawsuit is all you need to get a quick cash advance.

Our program allows our clients to take multiple advances as long as the case can support multiple advances. We will also buyout any prior advances you have received, which may be an advantage due to our low rates and CAPPED fees in 12 months.*

If you have been injured in any of the following types of cases, you can qualify for lawsuit funding. Our legal financing offers you the cash advance you need while your case is waiting to be settled. Contact us today so we can help you get the legal funding and support you deserve.

We Cover Unexpected Living & Out of Pocket Medical Expenses

No Credit Checks / No Income Verification

If You Lose Your Case, You Owe Us Nothing

** Quick Same Day Approvals / Cash Within 24 hrs. of Approval

* Certain Cases Do Not Apply
** Cases May Take Longer and May Be Out of Our Control


The Process is as Simple as a Few Steps!

Our account managers and underwriters, strive to make the process easy and hassle free. Our commitment to provide a legal advance within 24 hours is our attempt to help you when you need it most.

Apply Now



Fill out our quick & easy application. It only takes a couple minutes or call us at 404-348-4475.



We will review your application, reach out to your attorney and let you know the status ASAP.



We’ll send cash funds to you through: Direct to Debit, Google/Apple Pay, Wire, or Overnight Check.

Reasons You Should Consider a Cash Advance From Capital Financing

Pre-Settlement Funding: If You Lose Your Case, You Owe Us Nothing
Lost Your Job
Pre-Settlement Funding: We Cover Unexpected Living & Out of Pocket Medical Expenses
Need Money to Pay Bills Till Your Case Settles
Pre-Settlement Funding: No Credit Checks / No Income Verification
Can't Pay Rent or Mortgage
Pre-Settlement Funding: Quick Same Day Approvals / Cash Within 24 hrs. of Approval
Case is Taking Longer Than Expected

The Capital Financing Promise

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Capital Financing - Your Pre-Settlement Funding Company


Only 3 Fee Increases*



No Compounding Interest



No Hidden Fees



Transparent Contract of All Fees


Pre-Settlement Funding Competitors

* Certain Cases Do Not Apply

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Only 3 Fee Increases *

No Compounding Interest

No Hidden Fees

Transparent Contract of All Fees

* Certain Cases Do Not Apply * 

Capital Financing





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No Games…Full Transparency…No Surprises!

At Capital Financing, we review all contracts with you. When you work with a company that terminates fees in 12 months,* you will always know what you owe from day 1.

Google Customer Reviews From Shequita Samuel

“This company REALLY helped my family in a time of need, as I’m waiting for my claim to be completed. The fees are also really low. Thanks so much and I will recommend this service to anyone in their time of need.”

Shequita Samuel, Google Reviewer
Google Customer Reviews From Renita Dillon

“After one of the worst years of my life which included getting hit by a drunk driver, it was truly a pleasure to work with Capital Financing! They saw my need and had my problem taken care of in 24 hours!!!! I pray that God richly BLESSES these folks because they sure were to me!!!!”

Renita Dillon, Google Reviewer
Google Customer Reviews From Laureen Johnson

“I was referred to Capital Financing via my attorney. The case manager was very kind and efficient in gathering information with my attorney. Capital Financing worked quickly with my attorney to approve and distribute funds in a day. If needed, I would use them again.”

Laureen Johnson, Google Reviewer
Google Customer Reviews From Crystal Chumley

“I highly recommend Capital Financing! I used them to help me with my financial expenses while I was out of work for 8 weeks recovering from surgery. The approval process was quick and easy. They stayed in touch with me and sent me updates. I had my approval and money within 4 days. The staff was friendly and helpful. I truly appreciate everyone at Capital Financing, without them I wouldn’t have had the time I needed to fully recover from my surgery without having to worry about how I was going to afford my everyday expenses.”

Crystal Chumley, Google Reviewer
Google Customer Reviews From Corliss Bivins-Reese

“I was referred to Capital Financing by my Attorney. The staff member, Yasmine, was very professional, informative, friendly and empathetic. My loan was processed extremely quick. I recommend that if you need funds call them!”

Corliss Bivins-Reese, Google Reviewer

Questions on Pre-Settlement Funding?

Capital Financing only requires that you have an attorney representing you in an active Personal Injury or Worker’s Compensation case, while also being injured in an approved state that allows our services.

Once our underwriting department approves your advance, our contracting department will contact you within 1 hour.

Capital Financing provides the most innovative and quickest ways to received your money even if you don’t have a bank account.

Your Delivery Options:

  • Overnight Delivery
  • Wire/ACH
  • Debit Card
  • Google/Apple Pay (only company in the industry with technology) and accompanied with gift card

*$25 Fee Applied to All Delivery Options.

From the inception of our business, we felt that the concept of Compounding Interest was such an unethical way to provide a quality service.  When you are going through a difficult time, no one should take advantage of you.   Capital Financing has never charged anything but a Simple Fee financing structure that is fair and saves you money. When your case takes longer than expected, having a Simple Fee and terminating structure will protect you against owing us more and allows you to take home more of your settlement.

This will all depend on when your case settles.  As you advance typically will increase either monthly or in some other manner, it is best to review the disclosure statement that should be in your contract.   With Capital Financing, we provide the disclosure statement on page 1 so you know exactly what you will owe throughout the life of the advance.  With our unique financing model, you will always know the most you can owe from day 1 knowing your advance can terminate at 12 months.*

Capital Financing doesn’t charge interest as you will see from other companies. It is not unusual to see a minimum 3% monthly interest with compounding interest when you work with most companies.  We charge a flat-fee every 90 days that will stop at 1 year.  This fee is the same every 90 days and will be dependent on the amount you are advanced.  *Call to ask us about your advance fees.

We you apply for an advance, we will only perform criminal, child support, and bankruptcy background checks.   We will not request verification of your employment or your credit score.  Our ability to advance you money will be based on the injuries and case details we are provided.

There is no perfect answer.  We strive to approve Same Day or within 24 hours from when you requested the advance.   Unfortunately, much of the approval process is not in our control which may delay the approval of your advance.  Example: Your law firm doesn’t respond to calls or emails with case information.  The good news is that even with challenges regarding a law firm delaying the process, it doesn’t take more than 1-3 days worst case.

All our clients are eligible for additional advances as long as the case can support more money.  We typically ask that you wait 45 days before requesting additional money.   There are not limits on how much money we can advance or how many advances we will make.  If your case can support the money or numerous advances, we will approve you.

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