Winning a settlement does not automatically mean you will receive your money right away. Even when settlements are reached in court, at trial, the process to receive your settlement money will require the completion of legal documents and a waiting period for payment, depending on the practices of the insurance company involved in your lawsuit. Your lawyer is the best person to ask about the circumstances and waiting periods that apply in your specific case.

How Long Will My Case Take?

At the outset of your legal case, it is difficult to estimate what the duration will be. Factors such as the extent of your injuries and monetary losses may still be unclear when you hire a lawyer to represent you. Personal injury cases are called torts in legal speak. According to the Bureau of Justice, a division of the U.S. Department of Justice, only 3% of civil cases resolved in a trial verdict. The overwhelming majority, about 75%, settled out of court through settlements. The remaining cases were uncontested, meaning the defendant did not respond to the complaint.

In terms of timeline, haf of all personal injury cases are resolved one way or another within 14 months, according to the Department of Justice. The rest take longer, and some complicated cases can take years to resolve. Car accident cases are generally resolved more quickly than other kinds of torts. There is no way to predict how long your case will take, or how long it will be before you see any settlement money, other than by consulting with an experienced attorney.

Apply for a Pre-Settlement Advance Today

Your lawyer is best able to provide you with your case’s waiting period. Until your case is resolved, via settlement or at trial, you may need money to take care of your living arrangements and financial obligations. A pre-settlement loan is a cash advance against the monies recovered in your lawsuit. You repay the cash advance once your matter is resolved. When your case is settled, either in or out of court, you pay the pre-settlement loan, as well as your attorneys fees

Get Some of Your Lawsuit Money Now

Find Out if your case qualifies for a pre-settlement advance today by calling our toll-free hotline at (888) 247-6998. Once you apply, we will need information and documents from your attorney to calculate a loan amount. Pre-settlement loan proceeds may be used to help pay your financial obligations during your recovery period before you are able to support yourself fully. Ask us about how pre-settlement funding can help you. Georgia residents can also call (404) 348-4475 for an immediate response.