You have been in an accident and suffered an injury, life for you has changed dramatically, the last thing on your mind is how to be sufficiently compensated for this catastrophe.  After all, that is what insurance and attorneys take care of right?  Unfortunately, it is in large part up to you to help gain the maximum settlement for your personal injury case.  Here are some things to consider that can help you to get the maximum settlement for your case.

Hire the Right Attorney for Your Case

  Some of the first mistakes made in a personal injury case start with who we look to guide the way, our attorney.  Don’t be satisfied with your first phone call or enticed by flashy advertisements on websites.  Some attorneys will promise you large awards before you have ever even presented the facts of your accident.  Be sure to ask the right questions.  It is important for you to be confident that the attorney you are working with is experienced in personal injury cases that include trial experience.  They should be in good standing with the professional bar and preferably work with a professional association that protects the rights of injured people.  Don’t be intimidated by speaking with attorneys, a good compassionate attorney is more likely to fight for the best possible outcome.

Document and Save Everything!

   This step cannot be stressed enough as critically important to help advance and maximize your case.  Right after your case you should start collecting and documenting everything related to the accident.  Photos, information about the location, witnesses and any video cameras in the vicinity that can help to validate the facts about your case should be obtained and saved.  Keep all of your receipts for expenses related to your injury such as medications, travel expenses or any other related items.  Take extensive notes on your progress or set- backs throughout your treatments and recovery.  Taking the time to organize these things and supply your attorney with the information will greatly assist in getting the facts documented to help maximize your settlement award.

Don’t Broadcast Your Situation

   In this day and age of social media communication it has become natural to notify all of your friends and family about your unfortunate situation by way of Facebook or Twitter or some other means of daily interaction.  This is not a good time to engage in this activity.  Pictures of yourself or remarks made in even casual situations can be taken out of context by a defense attorney and used against you to damage your case.  Stay focused on your treatment and path to getting back to health while staying modest with remarks to anyone about your pending lawsuit.

Seek Medical Treatment and Stay With It

   After an accident you may not feel like your injuries are enough to visit the emergency room or see a doctor but the best way to make sure is to seek medical attention as soon as possible.  Injuries from an accident may present later or activate an old injury and the sooner you are evaluated and treated for the injury the better your chances for overcoming the injury.  When your doctor gives you a treatment plan stay with it and follow all the instructions completely.  Resist the urge to quit going to therapy or stop taking medications because gaps in your treatment will reflect on your case in a negative way.  Medical treatment is top priority not only in getting you back on your feet but also in proving the need for compensation for your personal injury case.

These pointers are only a few of the ways you can maximize the amount of your settlement in your personal injury case.  Paying attention to the details makes a big difference in the outcome and will make the difficult process of recovery go smoother for you.