With the month of May comes a time of progression – graduations, summer camps, vacations. The sun feels hotter and the air is harder to breathe but we keep moving forward. It’s easier to smile and forget your financial struggles when you can hear children in swimsuits shrieking with laughter in whatever body of water they’ve found. At some point though, you have to turn back to the stack of paperwork in front of you. Why can’t we make progress with our bills as delightful as a pool on a May afternoon?

That’s why we started Capital Financing; we want everyone to feel that joy of knowing your bank account is safe, even AFTER the first of the month! The smiles we see here in the office after we approve a pre-settlement advance are more refreshing than any sunbath. Let us make you smile – call 888-247-6998, visit, like our page at, follow @CapitalFinancng on Twitter or e-mail to initiate your application for a cash advance NOW!