Why Are Law Firms Choosing Capital Financing For Their Litigation Case Expenses?

Our Litigation Financing Advantages:

  • No Pre-Qualification Requirements
  • Don't Want To Refer Cases To Other Law Firms
  • More Capital For Marketing And Operations
  • No Risk If Case Is Lost (Non-Recourse)
  • Overleveraged
  • Provides More Cash Flow for New Law Firms
  • Can't Qualify For LOC
  • Credit Issues

Litigation Case Funding

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For decades, law firms have either paid for litigation expenses through their own operating accounts or through a 3rd party lender. Unfortunately, when you are a small firm, new firm, or have credit issues, it can be very difficult when you are expected to cover all your clients litigation expenses. We have learned that law firms either try to settle cases sooner or send them to another firm if they don’t have the means to cover the expenses. I think we can agree, neither option is good.

As many lawyers are resistant to change, Capital Financing has a modern approach to covering costs related to expert witnesses, life care plans, or an accident reconstructionist report. We do this in a way that provides no risk to your firm as it is non-recourse and allows you to keep more of your money for marketing and operations.

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How it Works for Law Firms.

How To Refer Your Clients To Capital Financing For Litigation Lending

To request Capital Financing to cover any case costs, please email: or call our office 888-247-6998

Please provide the below information to seek approval for litigation lending:

  • Include Clients Name/#
  • Specific Litigation Lending Need (Expert Witness, Life Care Plan, Accident Reconstructionist
  • Policy Limits
  • Any Prior Client Cash Advance Loans?
  • Invoice of 3rd Party We Will Send Check
  • Current Demand / Complaint
  • No Risk If Case Is Lost (Non-Recourse)

*All case are reviewed on a case by case basis. Capital Financing doesn’t guarantee approvals of case cost funding.

Important: Please discuss with your client that they will be covering their litigation expenses and that a representative from Capital Financing will be calling them.

To Refer Clients Need An Advance, Send To: Office: 404-348-4475 |

Litigation Case Funding

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We Are Changing How Law Firms Cover Case Costs!

The Capital Financing Difference:

Litigation Case Funding for Law Firms & Lawyers

* Certain Cases Do Not Apply

Litigation expenses can get very costly for a large personal injury firm and even more challenging for a smaller firm. Many smaller firms we meet are co-counseling as they don’t have the operating funds to cover costs. Many larger firms are taking on hundreds of thousands of dollars in risk that at any time can be lost.

As the CEO of Capital Financing, I have come up with a hybrid model for the law firm that struggles to advance litigation costs and for the larger firm that doesn’t want to have so much risk exposure. Not to mention, my model allows law firms to keep more of their money in the operating account, which allows you to grow your firm by adding staff or marketing.
Our model of financing is special, as all the risk is placed on us. If you lose the case, you lose nothing and neither does your client. If you fire the client or they fire you, no worries, the burden is on us.

The next time you have a litigation case and want us to pay for an expert witness, life care plan, or possibly and accident reconstructionist, call us first and let us be the bank and not your firm.

– Dr. Howard Golden

Litigation Case Funding

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