How Long will it take for My Car Accident Settlement to Resolve?

When you have been injured in a car accident your life can become disrupted not only physically, but also financially.  The burden of worrying about how to put your life back together is very stressful even when you have done everything you can to receive compensation for this crisis.  You have filed the claim with your insurance company, visited your physician and started or completed treatment or possibly even contacted an attorney to collect on your damages and injury.  Waiting on the outcome seems like a lifetime when the bills are still due and you can’t make ends meet.  Here are some things to consider that determine how long your settlement will take and the expectations that you should know.

  • Who is at fault in your accident?

Proving liability is usually based on the facts of the accident.  Sometimes it is easy to prove who was at fault such as in the case of a rear-end collision. Other times the accident is complicated and it may be necessary to investigate further who caused the accident.  Expert accident reconstruction evidence may be needed to prove liability.  This can take considerable time and the        defendant will most likely try to deny liability.

  • How Serious were Your Injuries?

The main factor in your personal injury case is the injury itself.  If your injuries were minor and were able to heal after a few visits to the doctor and treatment, your attorney can ask for a settlement as you have healed.  If your injuries were major and required extensive treatment or surgery your attorney will wait to demand a settlement until you have reached the maximum level of recovery.  This can take a long time because you may have treatments well into your future   that you will need compensation for.

  • The Litigation Process

You may receive an offer from your insurance company that is extremely low. Your insurance company could possibly deny liability.  If this happens your attorney will have to begin the litigation process to gain compensation for your case.  This is also a lengthy process as it will include depositions, mediation and possibly even a trial.  There is no exact time frame for this situation and is the reason many people take settlements that are way lower than necessary just to   ease the financial strain of waiting for the case to settle.

It is a frustrating and stressful period of time waiting for your case to settle but there are ways to help ease the financial strain you are going through.  Your main focus should be on getting yourself back to health and your life.  Apply for a Pre-Settlement Cash Advance to help with your bills while you wait for the settlement that you deserve for the pain and suffering you have gone through.