While you are waiting for your personal injury case to settle, your life goes on but everything is more difficult.  The bills keep piling up and the frustrations from living in this changed environment make it difficult to wait for the settlement.  Here are some things to consider about the length of time it may take to settle your case.

Most cases can be resolved quickly if you are willing to take less money.  You should consider what your goals are regarding your settlement.  Do you want only to be reimbursed for your costs?  These types of cases can be negotiated quickly as they do not involve too much dispute.  Do you want to settle for any amount higher than the insurance has offered to pay?  This can take some time to agree upon, but not generally years.  Do you want the maximum settlement no matter how long it takes?  This can take a long time and there are several factors involved.

There are some things that might cause your case to take longer.  Your case may have problems with deciding who is at fault.  This is a liability problem.  Who takes the blame, was it your fault or theirs?  Does your case involve a lot of money?  Most insurance companies will fight for their client to pay out the least amount possible.  They will do anything they can to limit the damage for who they represent and proving that can take a considerable amount of time.  Are you back to maximum health?  If you are still undergoing treatments it may not be possible to assess exactly what the maximum award will be for your settlement.  Until those factors are known it may take some time.

While it may be difficult to wait for your settlement after your injury, it is best to allow your attorneys the time it takes to compensate you fully.  The pain and suffering you have experienced and the problems that it has caused in your life deserve to have the maximum settlement to help you get back to a normal life.

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