It's a cash advance, it's a pre-settlement loan, it's MONEYMAN!

It’s a cash advance, it’s a pre-settlement loan, it’s MONEYMAN!

In a world driven by negligent people, rest assured that Capital Financing’s hero, MoneyMan, is here to protect your bank account! If your account balance looks more like a damsel in distress by the hour, call MoneyMan’s hotline at 888-247-6998 to speak with someone on the Capital Financing dream team. Our intake specialists will get an application started for you after gathering intel¬†about your worker’s compensation or personal injury claim, then contact your attorney to figure out the best way to rescue your savings.

If your bills aren’t waiting for a hero, visit, like our page at, follow @CapitalFinancng on Twitter, e-mail or just call us toll-free at 888-247-6998 to initiate your application NOW!