The legal system was caught off-guard with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. For plaintiff’s lawyers, the pandemic is creating a host of issues for active lawsuits. Most of you also have cases from retained clients that you have not filed yet. It is almost impossible to meet, interview, and retain new clients in the current climate. Legal concerns are running the gamut from cancelled trials to suspended discovery schedules to a complete tolling of the statute of limitations for new filings in states like New York and California. The following provides a brief description of a number of legal issues to consider in the current environment and how lawsuit funding can help your practice weather the storm.

Return to Work Status

Your injured client may be forced to return to work because of dire financial straits even if they are not physically able to work. During recovery for personal injuries resulting from an accident or workplace injury, your client is not able to work for anyone. Returning to work early or getting a side gig will greatly affect recoverable damages. Other members of your client’s household may be facing forced work stoppages creating an immediate cash crunch for survival. A pre-settlement loan may help your clients recover from their personal injuries with peace of mind that the rest of their household can maintain itself during these unpredictable times.

To bridge the financial gap during your client’s recovery period, consider having them apply for pre-settlement funding today. Read below for more information.

What We Do

Capital Financing provides pre-settlement financing to people hurt at work or in personal injury accidents that file lawsuits. The types of cases we fund are car accidents, biking accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall or premise liability accidents, medical malpractice, products liability, dog bites, and assaults. All of these cases are about your personal bodily injuries. We provide a loan or advance against your personal injury case before the case is complete. We also advance funds in workers’ compensation cases, when people get hurt on the job.

How it Works

To determine a loan amount, we carefully review your case by examining the injuries you have incurred, the medical treatment you have received, the extent of your property damage, forced time off of work and lost wages, and any compensatory damages, like your costs, unreimbursed medical bills, and future medical expenses for catastrophic injuries, to name a few.

How You Can Help Your Client

  • Step One: Your client takes the first step. They apply for a legal finance cash advance. We ask our prospective clients to contact you to alert you to the application and request your assistance during the application process.
  • Step Two: You are asked to complete an application, describing your client’s case, and are asked to provide documents related to the lawsuit. Among the documents we review are police reports, medical records, emergency room billing, insurance declaration pages, diagnostic medical imaging reports. We are a paperless lawsuit funding company. All documents provided by you to us are kept strictly confidential and secure.
  • Step Three: Once you submit the required attorney portion of the application along with the requested file documents, our underwriting department takes over and either approves or denies the application.

Client Communications During the Application Process

We handle all communications between us and the client about their legal funding request. After you submit the required attorney portion of the application and provide the requested supporting documents, we take it from there. We will make periodic inquiries as to the status of the matter. Our goal is to keep your time expended to help your clients get through a difficult period to a bare minimum.

Find Out If We are a Good Fit for Your Clients. Call us toll-free today at (888) 247-6998. Georgia residents can call (404) 348-4475.