Car accidents take their toll on the human body.  What you might think of as a sore neck is typically so much more.  The strain on your spine after a whiplash type of event can actually reverse your cervical curve causing not only pain and swelling but will increase the rate or degeneration and breakdown of your disc spaces that can lead to nerve impingement.

How do you reverse this process so you can optimize your health after an accident?  

  • Visit a Doctor of Chiropractic, they specialize in the spine and can create a corrective care plan to restore your curve, reduce injury and  enhance function.
  • Next, add yoga exercises into your daily routine.  A simple downward dog, upward dog and child’s pose can do a lot to support a healthy spine.
  • Finally make sure you are drinking half of your body weight in ounces daily of water to keep your spine, discs, muscles and tissues of your body hydrated so you can heal and feel great every day.

If you are still struggling to feel your best after an accident, talk with your attorney and doctor to determine what else needs to be done so you can fully heal.  If you need additional financial support to get the extra care you need, your friends here at Capital Financing make it easy to get the pre-settlement advance you need.  Our commitment is to you getting healthy and living well.