Dealing with court matters can be crucial at times. Paying attorney’s fees, settling your debts, paying for other expenses like bills can be hard, especially when you are unemployed. Regardless of how strong your case may be, you will likely incur expenses before its resolution. It might take days, weeks, months or even years to get your settlement award. After your case is initiated, there is no time limit for receiving your settlement. So, how will you cope with such difficult conditions in the meantime? Have you ever considered getting pre-settlement funding to lessen the burden of your expenses?

Pre-settlement financing could be the helping hand you need when it comes to your finances. It allows you to focus on your recovery instead of worrying about the financial implications of your injuries.

How Does Pre-Settlement Financing Work?

Pre-settlement financing is not a loan, and you will not have to pay back the money you got in advance for your legal expenses. If you lose and receive no settlement at all, there will still be no debt on your head. The pre-settlement cash you will receive is in essence an advance on your expected settlement. Whether you win or lose, it will not affect the funding of your money settlement.

How Much is Legal Funding Going to Cost You?

That all depends on the company that issues you your pre-settlement financing. Some charge more and others less. If you go through a third-party broker, then you will incur additional fees. If you lose the case, then the funding you received is going to be on the company’s head, so they are taking a risk in investing in your case. To save themselves from heavy loss, some charge hefty fees.

How do I Get Legal Funding?

If you are thinking about getting legal funding, the best thing to do is discuss it with your lawyer. You can search for a good and reputable legal funding company, and your lawyer can help you find the best one — a direct source of the legal funding, not an indirect source.

Is Legal Funding an Appropriate Solution for You?

Yes, this can be a helpful way to deal with a stressful financial situation. Your case can drag on for months before it sees the inside the courtroom and until then, legal funding can help you pay for your personal and legal expenses.

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