If you have been injured and are in need of extra money, you may be considering taking a cash advance. If you are, it’s critical that you understand the 3 most important issues that can either cost you or save you money in the short and long term as you are waiting for your case to settle. So that you can have total peace of mind and the money you need, be sure to ask any cash advance company the following 3 questions before making your final decision of who you will accept money from.

Always ask if the interest or “cash advance fees” will be COMPOUNDING. If it is, say no to the Cash Advance! This is the most important point to understand because if a cash advance charges compounding interest you will OWE more which means you will PAY more and worst of all you will receive LESS when your settlement comes due.

Always ask what they charge in fees and ask if they disclosed what those fees are, for how much and for what exactly.(Origination, Broker, FedEx/Wire/Western Union). If they don’t share this- ask yourself what else they are hiding with your money. Often companies will make contracts complicated and hard to understand so you don’t question where the money goes. Simply stated… if they don’t tell you don’t easily see it and understand it on the contract- DON’T Sign.

Always ask if their interest or “cash advance fees” TERMINATE in 12 months. If not, you will end up paying alot more money and could actually owe at the end of your case instead of receiving a settlement.

Most companies will continue to have interest rate increases many times over the life of your loan 6,9,12 and even more in certain cases. At Capital Financing, we do things differently. We believe in offering a fair price structure that honors you. At Capital Financing, our pre-settlement cash advances only have 3 fee/ interest raises where most companies have 6-12. You can also expect your advance fees to end in 12 months where many other companies will charge you for another 2-3 years. The difference at Capital Financing allows you to know exactly what you will owe, so there are NO surprises. Keep more money in your pocket now and at the time of your settlement with Capital Financing.

The team at Capital Financing is here to help; contact us with your questions today.