Governors all over the United States are issuing stay-at-home orders, closing non-essential businesses, and moving many employees to work-from-home status. Even before private businesses were making decisions regarding which functions were essential and which functions were non-essential, many state and county governments had already made such plans. While no state-wide stay-at-home order has yet been issued by the Governor of Georgia, Dekalb and Gwinnett counties have issued orders for residents to stay at home.

Clients with open workers’ compensation cases are in a particularly vulnerable position. Unable to work because of serious work-related injuries, they may be unsure of how to proceed now that their employers have closed due to the coronavirus restrictions. Injured workers may have no one to talk to at their places of employment. Similarly, workers’ compensation hearings have been suspended, delaying decisions on those claims.

In the meantime, your clients need money to survive. Even if their places of business have closed and laid off other workers, your clients are still eligible for workers’ compensation insurance. In fact, a person who is injured is statutorily ineligible for unemployment insurance in Georgia. If they apply for unemployment benefits, their claim will be denied. If, through error, they are approved for unemployment, when their claim is processed, it will be reversed and they will be required to pay the money back. To bridge the financial gap during your client’s recovery period, consider having them apply for pre-settlement funding today.

How We can Help

Capital Financing provides pre-settlement financing to people who have been hurt at work and then file claims or lawsuits. The types of cases we fund are on-the-job injuries, car accidents, biking accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall or premise liability accidents, medical malpractice, products liability, dog bites, and assaults. We provide a loan or advance against your client’s workers’ compensation case or personal injury case before the case is complete.

How Pre-Settlement Payments Work

To determine a loan amount, we carefully review your clients’ cases by examining the injuries they have incurred, the medical treatment they have received, the extent of their property damage, forced time off of work, and lost wages. We also examine any other compensatory damages, like personal costs, unreimbursed medical bills, and future medical expenses for catastrophic injuries.

How We Help Your Client

To determine if your client qualifies for pre-settlement funding you will be asked to describe your client’s case, his or her injuries, and share litigation documents, like pleadings and discovery materials. Additionally, we will ask you to provide police reports, medical records, accident reports, emergency room billing, insurance declaration pages, and diagnostic medical imaging reports. We are a paperless lawsuit funding company. All documents provided by you to us are transmitted electronically and kept strictly confidential and secure.

Client Communications During the Application Process

We handle all communications with the clients about their legal funding requests. After you submit the required attorney portion of the application and provide the requested supporting documents, we take it from there. We will make periodic inquiries into the status of the matter.

Ask us about how pre-settlement funding can help your client. Your client can Find Out if we can help by calling us today, toll-free at (888) 247-6998. Georgia residents can call (404) 348-4475.