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The Facts About No-Interest Pre-Settlement Advances

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Has one of your clients asked you what you think about pre-settlement advances? This question leads to some angst among lawyers. Many lawyers do not like making recommendations about pre-settlement advance companies because they do not know anything about such providers. Another reason we hear from lawyers that work with our company is that they [...]

Do You Need Cash While Your Lawsuit is Pending?

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Not knowing when your case will settle is one of the most frustrating parts of suing somebody. Even when your lawyer provides a timeline for the completion of your case, those dates almost always come and go with no settlement. Court times vary widely from case to case. Already clogged courts became more congested at [...]

Be Diligent About Finding a Reliable Pre-settlement Company

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When you are pursuing a civil case in hopes of recovering damages for injury, property damage, or other expenses, you may be facing mounting bills while you wait for a settlement or judgment. You cannot do much to speed your case along, and your payment even after you reach a settlement or receive a judgment [...]

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