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Surviving Coronavirus (COVID-19) When You Cannot Work

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Today, the Senate approved a $2 Trillion stimulus to jump start the economy as we approach the end of March and many parts of the nation complete the second week of unprecedented work restrictions – forcing many employees to work from home or stop work completely. The Trump Administration is considering opening up the economy [...]

Legal Cash Advances Are in The Air!

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When your honey is stressed about paying the car note, it gets pretty difficult to feel romantic on a cozy fall day. There's no money for your home or badly-needed repairs, let alone flowers and a box of chocolates! Priorities are real whether you celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or just a plain old Saturday morning; [...]

Understanding Common Legal Terms

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When you file a personal injury lawsuit you will soon discover that it can be confusing and difficult to understand because there are so many legal terms used during the process.  Your attorney will explain to you the meaning of these terms but it is helpful to educate yourself.  The benefit of learning the legal [...]

5 Money Saving Tips for Budget Anxiety

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Managing a household is a big, tough job even in the best of times.   When you factor in a personal crisis such as a personal injury that causes you to miss work the stress becomes enormous. We all know what bills have to be paid and approximately what that takes but actually following a budget [...]

Pain and Suffering from a Legal Point of View

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There is little doubt that after you have suffered an injury from an accident or negligence that you have endured pain and suffering.  The pain and suffering from your injury is one thing but the emotional or mental pain is also considered when evaluating the compensation for your claim.  How is a monetary value placed [...]

Optimizing Your Health After an Accident.

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Car accidents take their toll on the human body.  What you might think of as a sore neck is typically so much more.  The strain on your spine after a whiplash type of event can actually reverse your cervical curve causing not only pain and swelling but will increase the rate or degeneration and breakdown [...]

How to Choose the Right Law Firm after an Injury?

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Hiring the right attorney may be the most important decision you make after an accident. As you move through this process, you want to find someone that you can trust. Your attorney will be your most important person in your case, so you must be able to trust your lawyer. Make sure they will speak [...]

Read This Before You Take a Cash Advance

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If you have been injured and are in need of extra money, you may be considering taking a cash advance. If you are, it’s critical that you understand the 3 most important issues that can either cost you or save you money in the short and long term as you are waiting for your case [...]

Land of the settlement cash advance

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Because of the brave We at Capital Financing want to take a moment to say "thank you" to everyone who has fought to make this country such a great place to live. Many of our clients are or used to be in the military and still struggle to make ends meet; as such, [...]

Got a lawsuit loan?

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The heat is just getting started here in Atlanta and our power bills are already spiking to Everest proportions, thanks to good old AC. In this modern world, we all have to keep a careful eye on exactly how much money goes out of our wallets and when it does so, too. So what happens [...]

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