Closed Courts and what they mean for your client’s Pre-Settlement Advance

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Who could have expected the closure of courts, no trials, clients being out of work, and the pressures of settling cases earlier than expected to get your clients their money? Due to COVID-19 juries are not assembling, courts are limited to virtual hearings, civil cases come after criminal cases, all causing cases to slow down. [...]

Occupational Respiratory Disease

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Occupational respiratory disease is any lung condition you get at work. It occurs because of repeated exposure to certain toxins. Certain workplaces have a higher incidence of the disease because the work areas themselves have high amounts of toxins. Some examples include asbestos, silica dust, smoke, fumes, gases, lead, and other particles. Even farmers are [...]

Four Ways To Get Through The Covid-19 Pandemic

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I have found a few things that have helped me since the pandemic has begun. TURN OFF THE NEWS: I am the first one to encourage people to stay objectively informed of what is happening in the world or society, but at a certain point, we can be immersing ourselves in too much information. After [...]

Shelter in Place Orders and Your Clients’ Workers’ Compensation Claims

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Governors all over the United States are issuing stay-at-home orders, closing non-essential businesses, and moving many employees to work-from-home status. Even before private businesses were making decisions regarding which functions were essential and which functions were non-essential, many state and county governments had already made such plans. While no state-wide stay-at-home order has yet been [...]

COVID-19 and Workers’ Compensation

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is creating a host of issues for respondents with active workers’ compensation cases. California and New York City have already issued orders to all of its residents to stay home. The federal government is recommending people exercise social distancing, keeping at least six feet of space between themselves, even at home. [...]

Surviving Coronavirus (COVID-19) When You Cannot Work

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Today, the Senate approved a $2 Trillion stimulus to jump start the economy as we approach the end of March and many parts of the nation complete the second week of unprecedented work restrictions – forcing many employees to work from home or stop work completely. The Trump Administration is considering opening up the economy [...]

Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic as a Plaintiff’s Lawyer

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The legal system was caught off-guard with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. For plaintiff’s lawyers, the pandemic is creating a host of issues for active lawsuits. Most of you also have cases from retained clients that you have not filed yet. It is almost impossible to meet, interview, and retain new clients in the current climate. [...]

Keeping the Lights on While on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Lockdown

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If you are the owner of a solo to mid-size plaintiff’s personal injury or workers’ compensation practice, the calls or emails from your recovering clients are likely coming in fast these days. Already undergoing financial stress from having no income while they recover from personal injuries or on-the-job injuries, your clients were likely struggling to [...]

How Coronavirus (COVID-19) Can Affect My Case

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Not that people don’t have enough to worry about already, many clients are wondering how COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus, effects their pending personal injury case. Firms are still adjusting to how they will conduct normal day to day business in addition to their ongoing cases. In our home state of Georgia, the courts [...]

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