Top Four Benefits of Using Litigation Financing for Clients’ Cases

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Funding a lawsuit of any kind can be costly, no matter how much evidence a person has in his or her favor. For this reason, plaintiffs often find that they do not have enough money to pursue claims or, if they have enough money to start a claim, they often run out half way through [...]

Six Tips For Nailing Your Deposition

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It is important to get ready for your deposition. A deposition can be stressful since there is a lot at stake. If your deposition goes well, it can mean a quicker and larger settlement, and if it goes poorly, it can mean the opposite. Most people who have been injured want to settle quickly because [...]

Tips on How to Use Your Settlement Advance You Can’t Afford to Miss

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Now that you have made the decision to take an advance on your Personal Injury Settlement the decisions about how to use it probably seem overwhelming.  In this day and age, any loss of income during recovering from an accident or injury can quickly turn into a stressful period of time as the bills mount [...]

Facing the Facts about Surviving the Real Cost of an Emergency Crisis

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In planning for that ‘rainy day’ we often dismiss the reality of the sudden emergency, such as an accident or injury.  Much too late we realize that the actual cost of this event, far exceeds what we have set aside to survive for even a short period of time while we regain our financial footing.  [...]

Can You Get a Settlement Loan if You Have Bad Credit?

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When you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, it's because you've been injured through no fault of your own. So why should you be punished for someone else's negligence? Punishment is what it can feel like when you are facing a growing pile of bills that you can't pay when you are already tired, [...]

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