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Shelter in Place Orders and Your Clients’ Workers’ Compensation Claims

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Governors all over the United States are issuing stay-at-home orders, closing non-essential businesses, and moving many employees to work-from-home status. Even before private businesses were making decisions regarding which functions were essential and which functions were non-essential, many state and county governments had already made such plans. While no state-wide stay-at-home order has yet been [...]

COVID-19 and Workers’ Compensation

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is creating a host of issues for respondents with active workers’ compensation cases. California and New York City have already issued orders to all of its residents to stay home. The federal government is recommending people exercise social distancing, keeping at least six feet of space between themselves, even at home. [...]

Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim vs. a Personal Injury Claim

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Many people wonder whether they can file a personal injury lawsuit when they are injured on the job as opposed to claiming workman’s compensation.  The answer is yes you can file a personal injury lawsuit, but it is important to understand the difference between the two types of compensation.  First of all workman’s compensation was [...]

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