When you go to a personal injury lawyer for legal help, there are some important things you probably will not hear about. Some of the most important things your attorney may not tell you involve fees and your potential settlement. Some of this important information includes the following:

Advocate fees may be subject to negotiation.

This is a dirty little secret. It may surprise you that attorney’s fees are negotiable by law. Although most personal injury attorneys charge a contingency fee between 33 and 40%t of the settlement based on his or her level of involvement in the case, that number is not set in stone.

Do not hesitate to talk to the lawyer you hire about the fees and whether the lawyer has sufficient flexibility. All that can happen is the attorney will tell you no. Does this mean that you should not hire this lawyer? Not at all. The lawyer may not need to reduce the fee to get the case, because the lawyer is good. The lawyer with the lowest price may not be a good option to choose.

You may not even need an attorney.

If the liability is clear, which means there is no doubt that the other party was at fault for your injury, and your injuries are serious, the other party’s insurance company may be willing to pay you the policy limit, even if you do not have a lawyer representing you. It may take some time, but you will likely get the compensation. If this sounds like your situation, it may not be in your best interest to hire an attorney. Doing so could result in a much smaller settlement, if any, that you would be able to keep after paying your medical bills.

Your case may be rejected because it is unprofitable.

In some cases, a law firm may reject your case after the initial consultation and may not be able to provide you with good reasons for not being interested. Most cases that are rejected by a prospective lawyer is deemed unworthy of attention because the chances of winning are small, or because the lawyer does not consider it profitable enough. Although lawyers may want to help you reach a settlement, they are also making a settlement, and if they feel that their share of the settlement is not worth their effort, they will simply drop the case.

Your lawyer may be new to personal injury litigation.

Many lawyers have never dealt with cases of bodily harm. They will settle all their cases in an amount that the insurance company is willing to pay, even if that amount is not enough. Insurance companies know the history of lawyers. Insurance companies know that law firms are willing to take the case to court if the insurance company refuses a reasonable proposal to settle the dispute. If they know that the lawyer is not handling the case, the insurance regulator has no incentive to make a fair settlement offer.

Your lawyer is moving your case to another firm.

If you hire a lawyer who you saw on television or saw on an online search, you may not end up with the same attorney you thought you hired. Another law firm may have paid for your case referral. Therefore, you may not have any relationship with the company that will eventually represent you.

The level of complexity of your case makes a difference.

The more complicated the case, the more time a lawyer should devote to the case. If the case requires more than one report and statements from the parties, it will take more time a less complex claim. It will probably take more money to pay the experts for their time involved. A complex case, such as a complex medical negligence or implant explosion case, can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars before it is brought to justice. If the reimbursement does not guarantee these expenses, there is no point in the lawyer pursing the lawsuit.

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