Settlement FundingIf you were seriously injured in a car, truck, slip-and-fall, work-related, or other type of personal injury accident, you may be unable to work. However, just because you cannot work does not mean that your bills stop coming in or that you no longer need food, clothing, or shelter to live. As your bills pile up and your wallet becomes tighter and tighter, you may feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and even a bit scared. You are in the middle of your personal injury case, but until it settles, you have few resources to spend on anything but the basic necessities—if you even have enough to spend on those. What are you to do?

Capital Financing offers pre-settlement funding for victims of personal injury accidents. The funding we provide can be used to help victims like yourself pay for personal expenses such as rent payments, food and clothing, and utilities, but it is more often than not used to fund major medical expenses. Surgery and other major procedures can be pricey, and most people do not have the funding set aside to cover such unexpected costs. If you are waiting on your case to settle and need fast cash in the meantime, pre-settlement funding may be right for you. This post outlines a few instances in which pre-settlement financing may come in handy.

When You are in Need of Immediate Surgery

Personal injury cases can drag on for years, especially if there is not yet a definitive diagnosis. However, surgery, when necessary, is often an immediate need. Surgery is costly even for those with a regular income, but because you are not working, the procedure may not seem like a viable option. However, with pre-settlement funding, it can be an option. If surgery means the difference between getting better or getting worse, talk to the professionals at Capital Financing about surgery financing.

When You Need to Catch Up on Overdue Debts

Being out of work for even a week can take a toll on your finances, but being out work for months can have a devastating impact. If debt collectors are calling all hours of the night and day, if you have had to move in with friends or family because you could no longer afford rent, or if your vehicles are in danger of repossession because you opted to put food on the table instead of making the last few months’ car payments, turn to Capital Financing. We can loan you the money you need to catch up on overdue bills and achieve peace of mind until your case is settled.

When an Unfavorable Settlement Begins to Look Good

Your lawyer advised you not to accept the insurance company’s lowball settlement, and so you went back and forth in negotiations for months only to end up filing a lawsuit. At the time, it seemed like a good idea, but now, as you struggle to put food in your stomach and a roof over your head, you are beginning to question your decision. Should you retract the lawsuit and agree to the initial settlement after all?

Absolutely not. If you are beginning to think this way, it is time to talk to Capital Financing about alternative funding options. We can provide you with the money you need now, and we only ask that you repay it if and when you win.