As the CEO of Capital Financing, we are referred thousands of cases a year by law firms that need to be evaluated and underwritten to minimize our risk. Often, we ask the lawyer or their clients for pictures or videos of their vehicle.  It is sometimes surprising to learn that neither the law firm or the client have retained this critical bit of evidence to build their case.

As a former doctor, I understand better than anyone the mechanism of injury. I understand that even in a low impact accident, there can be bodily injury especially if the client has prior “egg shell” injuries.  Perhaps, there is not much visible damage to the vehicle, but the impact caused underneath damage that the pictures simply will not show.

Either way, visuals can be the difference in a case from winning, losing, or bigger settlements. Recently while listening to a presentation, I learned of a law firm that was using a company called Traffic Cam Archive (  This is a service that allows litigation law firms access to a library of videos at different traffic sites around the country.

Imagine being able to download videos at an intersection in the area of a plaintiff’s accident or simply learn of intersections that have cameras for your firm to know they have access to.  You can enter the day and time of the accident, to retrieve archived videos.  How valuable would this be to your firm?

To learn more about Capital Financing and how our Case Expense financing program can cover these video archive costs or how our innovative program will pay for all your firms case expenses, you may call us at 404-348-4475 or email to learn more.

– Dr. Howie Golden, CEO Capital Financing