You have just experienced a workplace injury or car accident and are finally getting released from the hospital. The accident was not your fault, but your car is totaled, there is a big stack of medical bills waiting for you at home, and you still are not able to go back to work. What are you supposed to do now?

Fortunately, there are options out there available that do not include waiting for months or even years for a personal injury claim to get settled in court. Covering your expenses can be tough when you are trying to recover after an accident. Your bills are not going to wait for your case to be settled, and that is where pre-settlement funding can help you.

You may have heard of pre-settlement funding before, but you may not be certain what all this funding can cover. Here is a list of expenses that you may be able to have covered with pre-settlement funding:

  • Medical Treatment: Your accident may have happened days or weeks ago, but in some serious accidents, medical care lasts far beyond the hospital stay. Pre-settlement funding can help cover expenses ranging from your hospital bills to any medical treatments, therapy, prescriptions, and more. You should not have to live in pain just because your case has not yet settled.
  • Transportation: Even if your vehicle was not a total loss in the accident, it may still need repairs to be restored to working condition. You may also need to pay for gas and other maintenance expenses to get you back and forth to doctor visits and other medical expenses. Pre-settlement funding can help you ensure that you have reliable transportation while you are trying to get back on your feet.
  • Mortgage/Rent: Just because you are not able to work does not mean you are not responsible for your rent or mortgage. Fortunately, pre-settlement funding can be used to cover these important expenses. Keeping a roof over you and your family’s head is a necessity that you should not have to compromise.
  • Electricity, Water, and Utilities: Are you worried about how you will keep your water running and electricity turned on if you are not able to pay your bills? Pre-settlement funding may be the answer to this challenge. Once you have received your funding, you can pay the bills that you would have normally paid had the accident not happened.
  • Everyday Necessities: You still need to put food on the table after an accident. With pre-settlement funding, your everyday necessities will be covered, as well.

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The process is quite simple. We can help get cash in your hands today to pay your bills before you get behind. Contact Capital Financing today to see what options may be available to you. We understand that the expenses do not stop coming in just because you are not able to work after an accident. We will review your situation and help determine what options are best for your situation. We can help you focus on your recovery instead of where the money is going to come from. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.