Settlement FundingYou were injured a month, two months, or even a year ago, and despite the fact that you did everything right—you sought medical care, you contacted an attorney, and you have been keeping records of your complaints—your case is still dragging on. While you trust yours and the defendant’s attorneys to come to a fair agreement, you cannot help but grow concerned. You have bills to pay, medical expenses to take care of, and other expenses to cover. You cannot just sit around and wait for a settlement to put you back in the black. You need money TODAY.

Though this may come as little comfort to you, know that you are not alone. There are countless individuals in the same boat as you—individuals who need a settlement award to cover the cost of medical and living expenses but who are forced to wait months or even years for the opposing sides to come to an agreement. Capital Financing and other companies like ours have made it our goal to provide accident victims with pre-settlement funding. Not to be confused with a loan, this type of funding is designed to ensure victims have the money they need to take care of their living expenses in the interim between accident and settlement agreement. While some companies offer same-day approval and funding, many do not. This post explains why you should look for a company that does.

Same Day Pre-Settlement Cash Advance = Crisis Averted

preparing for your caseUnfortunately, many people do not turn to us for legal funding until it is absolutely necessary to do so. These people—typically the primary caretakers of the family—are desperate because their electricity has been turned off, or because their cards were declined when they went to pay for groceries. They have nothing of substance left in their refrigerators, the bills keep piling up, and they are facing eviction. These people are good people, and they have done everything by the books, but now they are out of options.

Good people should not have to go without just because another person’s negligence left them injured and unable to work. They should not have to go without because the justice system moves slowly. They should not have to make the choice between groceries and keeping the family home simply because their claims are “in negotiations.”

Same day legal funding—the likes of which we provide at Capital Financing—provides those in need—people like you—with the money they need to prevent life becoming even more complicated. When you work with us, you need not worry about compounding fees, successive fee hikes, broker fees, or any other outrageous fees. Best of all, you do not need to worry about what happens if, unfortunately, your case does not settle in your favor.

If your case ends up settling in the opponent’s favor, you will not be forced to repay any of the money loaned to you. The goal is to provide accident victims with relief—not make their lives more challenging.

Work With Capital Financing to Obtain Same-Day Pre-Settlement Funding

At Capital Financing, we have designed our operational process around same day pre-settlement cash advances to ensure that the majority of our clients are able to get the funding they need as soon as they need it. If you are strapped for cash because you are waiting for your case to settle, look to work with a company that specializes in same-day approval and funding. Look to Capital Financing.