Snow, ice, and roadways are a dangerous combination. Add in reckless drivers, and you have the perfect recipe for vehicle accidents. The danger does not end with that first collision, though. After a winter weather accident, additional dangers include the wait in the cold for help and additional collisions caused by road conditions and low visibility.

Although winter weather is often considered the most dangerous, accidents can happen due to a variety of weather issues, including fog, wind, and rain. In fact, car accidents caused by inclement weather kill more people annually than other weather disasters, such as tornadoes and hurricanes. The true cause of such accidents, however, is drivers who do not account for weather and road conditions. This results in:

  • Driving too fast
  • Following too closely
  • Attempting to stop too quickly
  • Unsafe lane changes

Even if the other driver was obeying all traffic control signals, driving without regard for road conditions can earn him or her a traffic citation and designation of at-fault for the accident. In order to prevent causing or being found at fault for such an accident, be certain to slow down and leave extra room between yourself and other drivers during poor weather conditions.

Fault and Settlement Financing

No amount of caution on your part can prevent car accidents caused by negligent drivers, particularly in low-visibility weather conditions. The good news is that, if you were not at fault for the accident and are pursuing compensation from the at-fault parties, you are likely eligible to receive settlement financing. This is because settlement financing is based entirely on the likelihood that you will win your case, rather than on any other factors such as credit score or debts.

The first step in receiving settlement financing is to have your attorney supply the settlement company with case details. If your case evidence demonstrates that you were not at all at fault, your chances of being approved for settlement funding increase, but you may receive funding even if you are partially at fault, so long as you are likely to win your case. This determination will vary depending on your state’s negligence laws.

How Settlement Financing can Help

What is the benefit of pursuing settlement financing, though? Car accidents cause immediate expenses, whether or not inclement weather was involved, but fighting the insurance company and driver for compensation takes time. Personal injury cases may drag on for years before reaching a resolution.

In most cases, you are only required to pay back the amount provided by the settlement company if you win your case. This makes settlement financing lower risk. If you do win your case, the settlement company’s portion will be taken out of the amount awarded after attorney and court fees have been paid.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by negligent driving in bad weather, you can get immediate help with your bills through settlement financing. Contact Capital Financing today to schedule a consultation.